Frequently Asked Questions

What powers the catwalk equipment?

The Little Tripper hydraulic catwalk works with a Diesel/over hydraulic power system, meaning a small efficient diesel engine runs the entire catwalk no need for rig power, etc.

Does the catwalk use cables similar to a conventional Laydown Truck?

No, the catwalk runs on hydraulic cylinders with counter balance valves resulting in fail safe system. In the event of a hydraulic line failure the catwalk trough will remain in its current position. With cable machines, a failure will result in a major incident.

How big/small of pipe can be handled with the Catwalk?

In terms of length of pipe the unit can handle up to and including Range III pipe with ease. As for pipe diameter the catwalk is capable of running up to 13 3/8" casing.

Can the Catwalk run Drill pipe, Collars and HWP?

Yes in addition to casing and tubing, any other form of tubular used by the rig can be accommodated. With a limit of 3600lbs per joint, almost any size of tubular necessary on the rig can be handled safely and efficiently.

How does the unit arrive on the worksite location?

Our catwalks are mobile and built into 5th wheel style trailers. We also have small semi tractors complete with attached picker trucks to transport the catwalk to and from the worksite.

How long does the rig up of the Catwalk take?

Typical rig up procedure takes less than 60 minutes. Once the height of the rig floor is determined the catwalk in backed in the appropriate distance from the wellbore and unhooked from the truck. After this the pipe racks are spotted 90 degrees from the catwalk deck and rig up is complete.

Can the rig crew run the Catwalk?

Yes. Most of our customers prefer to have a rig hand run the catwalk as the derrick hand is not up the stick while tripping pipe. The catwalk rental includes orientation and training for the crew along with an onsite safety meeting to ensure clear understanding of the proper use/operation of the Catwalk. If desired CHC can provide an operator at an additional cost.

Does the catwalk use a remote control?

Yes the catwalks have a remote control attached directly to the unit with a 50' long cord. By using a corded remote control we can eliminate the need for a radio receiver. This makes the remote very reliable and easy to use. If the need arises the catwalk also has a conventional value bank on the hydraulic system to operate the unit.

Does the catwalk use PLC or any type of programmable system?

No the catwalk does not need any type of programming during setup. To continue with the simple, user friendly platform the catwalk does not need to be pre-programmed to fit different types of rig floor design, BOP height, etc. Any changes to rig floor height/stack height will be done by changing pin holes (see catwalk footprint diagram).

Can the unit pick-up / laydown tiered pipe?

Yes, because the unit uses conventional tumble racks (both 18" tall CHC racks or typical 42" tall rig racks) we can pick-up from any tiered setup as well as laydown creating tiers along the way. No need for a picker or loader onsite. Also once the job has been completed the catwalk can be pulled out with the pipe remaining on the racks if the pipe truck has not arrived on site.