Our Commitment

Crazy Horse Casing (2007) Inc. (CHC) is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that will safeguard and protect the health and safety of our management, foreman, employees, clients, visitors, the public, and the environment.

All levels of management/supervisors are responsible and accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work environment through active leadership and implementation in order to achieve and maintain an accident and injury-free workplace. This can, and will be done by providing proper equipment, safe work procedures and training to all CHC employees.

A commitment from all workers at every level is required to ensure a safe workplace in all areas of operation. All employees are responsible for achieving and maintaining safety excellence by actively participating in the health and safety management system, as well as working in a manner which will safeguard themselves, their fellow workers, the public, and the environment. In addition to protecting lives, CHC’s safety program will contribute to employee morale and pride, as the employees will actively participate in identifying safety needs and developing safe work procedures.

CHC is committed to following recognized industry best practices, and therefore workers are at all levels shall be aware of, meet, and exceed the regulatory requirements (government regulations) related to their work or operations.

All worker conducting business on behalf of CHC are responsible and accountable for following safe work practices, procedures and company rules. CHC expects excellence in safety practices, occupational health and environmental performance to be achieved through the support and active particiaption of all emplyees. Any violations will lead to disciplinairy action.

If an unsafe condition exists, or when one cannot be correct, it is everyone’s duty to refuse to perform the work or job task. The goal of CHC is to provide and maintain a healthy, injury-free workplace.

Remember, YOU are our most valuable asset!

Kesley Angeltvedt,